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Safety responsibility is more important than a mountain--Changjiang Steel Pipe conducts Safety Education for Safety in Production training

Source:Jiangyin City Changjiang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Release time:2022-01-29 15:33:24 Author:4414

Life is supreme and responsibility is heavier than Mount Tai.

In order to carry out the important instructions of Chairman Li on production safety, further strengthen the safety management of each unit, improve the safety awareness and emergency response capability of employees, on June 28, 2020, Yangtze Steel Pipe carried out a national training course on the theme of "eliminating hidden dangers and building a solid safety line of defense" in the conference room on the fifth floor of the company. "Safety Production Month" "Safety Production Safety Education" training course, the course by the steel pipe series of safety supervision director Wu Kunpei, the relevant person in charge of the steel pipe company, the person in charge of the warehouse, the relevant safety responsibility, all employees of the warehouse, Zhongsheng Transportation Company, all employees of the hot expansion workshop, outsourcing units and other relevant personnel to participate in the training. The main content of the course revolves around enterprise safety production, safety education and analysis of safety accidents.

Director Wu mentioned the causality of safety accidents, an accident may be caused by human unsafe factors or by unsafe factors of surrounding objects, no matter what the factors are, we should be more vigilant and prevent them before they happen. All staff should also bear in mind the guidelines of safety first and prevention first, improve self-protection awareness, strengthen safety consciousness, and achieve the principle of "four no's", i.e. one, the cause of the accident is not investigated; two, the person responsible for the accident is not treated; three, the person responsible for the accident and the surrounding public are not educated; four, the corrective measures formulated for the accident are not spared. The corrective measures formulated for the accident will not be spared. At the same time, we must also strengthen the safety knowledge training, improve the awareness of prevention, "do not hurt others, do not hurt yourself, do not be hurt by others"; also special emphasis on each employee, especially the front-line staff, shall improve the awareness of safety precautions, strict implementation of production safety laws and regulations, to ensure that they are not harmed in the case of normal production, which is responsible for the enterprise, but also for themselves and their families.

Safety is an eternal theme, we should always keep a clear head and grasp the safety production with the heart of walking on thin ice and facing the abyss. Personal safety is the focus of work, the relevant person in charge should further strictly implement the company's responsibility for safety production, implement Chairman Li's guidelines, find problems and solve safety hazards in a timely manner; strengthen safety management in the process of safety production and improve safety management. In the future work life should always be strictly prevented around the existence of safety hazards, so as to be vigilant and alert to danger. We will work together to build a safe and harmonious enterprise.

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